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Honor Your Parent

Helping Families Honor Their Parents As They Age

Your life can be turned upside down with just a phone call about your parents. We help you turn it right side up again.

You Want To Honor Your Parent, But There Are Problems

You don’t know what your parents want

You are struggling with time and energy

One call turned your life upside down

You are clueless about where to find important documents

Your family is fighting over care

We Partner With You
To Honor Your Parent

 We understand the challenges, and the joy, of helping your parents age. We have helped many families create peace in caring for their parents. After we help you design a roadmap of care, we offer guidance, mediation, and resources along the journey. We turn your world right side up after an emergency turned it upside down. You are never alone. We are your partners.

We Have A Plan So You Can Honor Your Parent

Step One

Get information. See how we can help you.

Step Two

We help you create a roadmap for care. We are your GPS on the journey of aging.

Step Three

You get to focus on loving and honoring your parent. 

Avoid The Detours Along The Journey

Without a roadmap and the necessary legal documents in place, caring for a parent can be incredibly challenging and expensive. Without a will and understanding where to find assets and liabilities, administering an estate can be a nightmare!

Different Ways We Can Help You On Your Journey

We help you get family on the same page to care for a parent.

We help you navigate the maze of bureaucracies and decisions on the journey. We are your built-in GPS system to guide you. 

We help you create a roadmap for future care.

We help you through the end of life with support and guidance. 

If needed, we help you administrate the estate and any disputes among family members. Just remember, we are not attorneys. 

How The Process Works

Free Consultation

Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation. We can explain the process and answer all your questions. You can decide if we are a good fit to come alongside you and your family.

Get Your Family Onboard

We help you reach out to siblings and parents to explain the process and answer any questions.

We Get To Know Your Family

We talk with all your siblings and parents (if parents can participate cognitively). We become familiar with your family dynamics and situation.

We Create A Roadmap For You And Your Family

If needed, we get your family on the same page as we create the roadmap. We help walk your family through all the necessary decisions along the journey (see The Decision Tree of Aging).

We Help Along The Way

Think of us as your GPS and roadside assistance. We help you navigate the maze of government assistance agencies, needed legal documents, and potential barriers/detours. Some of our clients call us their personal concierge service keeping their world right side up!

We Are Present At The End Of The Road

When your parent passes, we will be there with you. You are not alone. We are there as you walk through the grief. We can assist you in the process of settling the estate. And, if your family has conflict over the estate, we can help mediate the conflict and settle things without expensive attorney fees.

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